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Unpasteurised Cheeses

From the amazing experience of Caws Penhelyg Abaty brie-style cheese to the sharper Keens Farmhouse Cheddar, there's an unpasteurised adventure waiting for you at Green & Lovely.

Our unpasteurised cheese selection is a haven for adventurous palates and here you'll find a diverse range of tastes, boasting distinctive flavours reflective of their terroir, local heritage and traditional crafting methods that captivate connoisseurs with their bold character and authentic taste.

Whilst all quality cheesemakers and cheesemongers take enormous care over the entire production process from cow to cheeseboard, current UK government advice is that pregnant women, young children, and people with weakened immune systems should avoid unpasteurised and soft cheeses due to the slight risk of harmful bacterial infection.

Unpasteurised Cheeses