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Pasteurised Cheeses

British pasteurised cheese offers a diverse range of flavours and textures, crafted with care and precision. From creamy Cheddar to tangy Stilton, these cheeses undergo pasteurisation to ensure safety while preserving their distinct characteristics. Perfect for sandwiches, cheeseboards, or cooking, they showcase the best of British cheese-making tradition.

Craving a creamy blue? Look no further than Shepherds Purse Buffalo Blue, boasting a milder bite than traditional cow's milk blues. For a taste of Italy, explore Cassarigoni Gorgonzola, with its distinct veins of green mould and sharp, tangy flavour.

Prefer a smoky twist? Alsop & Walker's Smoked Mayfield offers a delightfully unexpected layer of smokiness, perfect for melting over burgers. Goat cheese lovers will find joy in the creamy, tangy Sharpham Ticklemore Goat, while Isle of Wight Blue offers a powerful punch for blue cheese aficionados.

Green & Lovely champions British & Irish cheesemakers too. Gubbeen Cheese Dairy's offerings provide a taste of Ireland, while Lynher Dairies' Cornish Yarg encapsulates the rich heritage of Cornish cheesemaking.

Pasteurised cheeses offer the peace of mind of being heat-treated to eliminate harmful bacteria, making them a safe choice for everyone. With Green & Lovely's diverse selection, you can embark on a delicious cheese adventure, one flavourful bite at a time.

Pasteurised Cheeses