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Gut Health

Nourish Your Gut 

At Green & Lovely we believe in nurturing your well-being from the inside out. That's why we offer a range of gut-friendly products to support a healthy digestive system:

  • Kimchi: This spicy, fermented Korean staple is packed with live probiotics and boasts a complex flavor profile. Enjoy it as a side dish or add a kick to soups and stews.
  • Sauerkraut: This tangy, fermented cabbage is another probiotic powerhouse. Enjoy it on its own for a gut-boost or incorporate it into salads and sandwiches for a burst of flavor.
  • Kombucha: This bubbly, fermented tea drink is a delightful way to support your gut. Choose from a variety of refreshing flavours like Citrus Hops or Strawberry & Rhubarb and make gut health a delicious experience.
  • Kefir: A fermented milk drink like yogurt, kefir is brimming with probiotics and beneficial yeasts. Enjoy it plain for a tangy treat or use it as a base for smoothies or salad dressings.

We cater to your journey: Our friendly staff is here to help you discover the perfect gut-friendly products for your taste and needs.

Gut Health