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Bread - Freshly Baked Goodness from Thames Ditton Bakery!

Indulge in the irresistible aroma and flavour of bread straight from the ovens of the renowned Thames Ditton Bakery, available at Green & Lovely in East Molesey.

We pick our bread daily from our friends at the Thames Ditton Bakery and it sells out fast, so be quick to pick up something tasty or ask us to hold some back for you, which we are delighted to do. 

Something for Every Craving:

  • Green & Lovely Baton (Our Exclusive!): Discover a loaf created just for us! This unique option is sure to become a favourite.
  • Sourdough Symphony: Dive into the tangy depths of Malted Sourdoughs or explore the nutty richness of Seeded Sourdoughs, perfect for sandwiches or toasting.
  • Classic Comfort: Enjoy the soft, fluffy texture and mild flavor of our White Tinned Loaves or the wholesome goodness of our Wholemeal option.
  • European Flair: Embrace the rustic charm of Fougasse & Focaccia, featuring a hint of olive oil and a sprinkle of herbs – perfect for dipping or enjoying on their own.
  • Sweet Pastries: Buttery, light croissants and pain au chocolate.

Green & Lovely - your only shop in East Molesey for the freshest breads, baked to perfection by Thames Ditton Bakery

Bread - Freshly Baked Goodness from Thames Ditton Bakery!