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Welsh Cheeses

In our opinion, Welsh cheeses are amongst the very best and we are delighted to regularly stock a good range of these artisanal and farmhouse cheese from across the nation.

Our cheese selection boasts a variety of regional specialties from award-winning producers. Snowdonia Cheese Company brings the heat with Red Storm, a fiery cheddar coated in red wax, while Beechwood Smoked offers a more mellow, smoky taste. Feeling adventurous? Try Green Thunder, a tangy cheese with nettles, or Black Bomber, a strong cheese matured in ale.

Green & Lovely also offers creamy brie-style cheeses. Sample Caws Penhelyg's Abaty, a milder option perfect for soft cheese lovers, or choose Caw Cenarth Brie for a richer, creamier taste. For a unique twist, try Caws Teifi's Saval, a cheese made with buttermilk for a slightly sour tang.

Welsh cheeses are known for their distinct character. Milk from grass-fed cows raised in rolling hills and valleys contributes to a unique flavor profile. From creamy bries to bold cheddars, Welsh cheeses are sure to tantalise your taste buds!

Welsh Cheeses