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Tarts & Savoury Pastries

Green & Lovely takes its treats to the next level with a selection of pastries and tarts delivered fresh every Wednesday from the renowned Ralph's Boutique!

Local legend Ralph bakes up a storm, and Green & Lovely is proud to offer his delectable creations. Imagine flaky, buttery pastry crusts cradling fresh, seasonal fillings. The Vegetable & Mozzarella tart is a symphony of colourful roasted vegetables nestled under a blanket of creamy mozzarella. For a classic touch, Ralph's Quiche Lorraine is a masterpiece – eggs, bacon, and cheese in perfect harmony.

But the true star of the show might be Ralph's legendary Sausage Rolls. Ralph uses only the finest ingredients – succulent sausages encased in golden, flaky pastry. Each bite is a burst of flavour and texture, a testament to Ralph's commitment to quality.

So next time you're at Green & Lovely, don't miss out on these delightful treats. With fresh deliveries every Wednesday, you can indulge in Ralph's delicious pastries and tarts, knowing they're made with love and the finest local ingredients.

Tarts & Savoury Pastries