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Spanish Cheeses

Green & Lovely offers a small (but delicious) taste of Spain, with cheeses like Truffled Iberico and Manchego showcasing the unique character of Spanish cheesemaking.

Spain boasts a diverse cheese landscape, influenced by regional climates, grazing animals, and traditional techniques. From the creamy cheeses of the north to the aged, sharp varieties of the interior, Spanish cheese offers something for every palate.

One defining feature is the use of sheep's milk. Our 9-month aged Manchego, for example, is a classic creamy and crumbly Spanish cheese, made with Manchega sheep's milk and known for its nutty flavour.

Spanish cheesemakers also excel at using unique aging methods. Truffled Iberia, for instance, might be infused with truffles during the aging process, adding a luxurious touch.

Spanish cheeses are as popular as ever, with their creamy textures and nutty tastes. The truffled Iberico version is simply delicious, great value as a gift or simply a treat when you want something special.

Spanish Cheeses