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Sheep Cheeses

Sheep milk cheeses offers a distinctive flavour profile, often described as tangy, rich, and slightly gamy and offer a wonderful alternative to cow's milk cheese, which some find difficult to digest, and the more powerful goat's milk cheeses. 

These cheeses open up yet another possibility for a variety of flavour and texture on your cheeseboard. Spanish Manchego is a sure-fire favourite, whilst Ewe Eat Me is a lesser known, but equally delicious, creamy and savoury cheese from Sussex.

Discover the Delights:

  • Roquefort (France): A legendary cheese with a strong personality. Crumbled blue veining adds a sharp bite to this creamy cheese.
  • Manchego (Spain): A firm and nutty cheese from La Mancha, perfect for slicing or grating. Its flavour intensifies as it ages.
  • Alsop & Walker's Ewe Eat Me (England): Don't let the name deter you! This local cheese boasts a rich, complex flavour with a pleasant tang – a true revelation for sheep cheese enthusiasts.
  • English Pecorino: Inspired by its Italian cousin, this cheese offers a salty and assertive taste, perfect for grating over pasta or enjoying on its own.
Sheep Cheeses