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Irish Cheeses

While somewhat limited, our offering highlights the unique character of Irish cheesemaking. Take Gubbeen Cheese Dairy's Gubbeen, this farmhouse cheese is a true representative of Irish cheese.

Irish cheeses are known for their distinct taste profile, often described as grassy, nutty, and slightly sweet. This character comes from the unique coastal climate and the lush pastures where Irish cows graze.

Unlike many European cheeses, Irish cheesemakers traditionally use vegetarian rennet, making them suitable for vegetarians. Additionally, Irish cheese production often emphasises small-batch, artisanal methods, resulting in cheeses with a depth of flavour not found in mass-produced varieties.

Green & Lovely might have a limited selection, but Gubbeen cheese is a testament to the delicious world of Irish cheesemaking. So, come explore a taste of Ireland at Green & Lovely!

Irish Cheeses