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Dutch Cheeses

Green & Lovely champions British cheeses, evident in our extensive selection. That said, we offer a taste of Holland with cheeses like Old Amsterdam, despite our true passion lying closer to home.

Dutch cheeses are known for their boldness. Old Amsterdam, for example, is a Gouda aged to perfection, resulting in a sharp, complex flavour and a crumbly texture. This characteristic boldness often comes from a long aging process, allowing the cheeses to develop their intense flavours.

Dutch cheesemakers also excel at using cow's milk, renowned for its high butterfat content. This contributes to the creamy texture and rich taste profile that defines Dutch cheeses.

Green & Lovely's focus on British cheeses allows them to source the very best from local producers. While a taste of Holland is delightful, their curated selection ensures you experience the incredible diversity and quality that British cheesemaking offers. 

Dutch Cheeses
Old Amsterdam
From £3.45