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Crumbly Cheeses

Green & Lovely in East Molesey offers a delightful, if compact, selection of crumbly cheeses - featuring gems like Lynher Dairies' Cornish Yarg, showcasing the unique charm of crumbly cheeses.

These delightful cheeses are known for their characteristic texture – firm yet easily breaking apart into satisfying crumbles. This texture is a result of the cheesemaking process, often using lower moisture content and a specific curd cutting method.

The beauty of crumbly cheeses lies in their versatility. Their dry texture makes them perfect for crumbling over salads, pasta dishes, or soups, adding a burst of flavour and a delightful textural contrast. 

Lynher Dairies' Cornish Yarg, a nettle-wrapped cheese, exemplifies this versatility. The crumbly texture allows the nettles' flavour to permeate the cheese, creating a unique and delicious experience. So, head to Green & Lovely and explore the world of crumbly cheeses – a little goes a long way in adding flavour and fun to your dishes!

Crumbly Cheeses