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Brie-type Cheeses

Our British 'Brie-type' cheeses boast common characteristics in that they are soft and have a mould ripened rind, yet they also vary greatly with textures and tastes encompassing delicate, pillowy whipped cream, grassy chalkiness wrapped in a delightful soft breakdown and firmer buttery pastes whilst the white rind adds a contrasting earthiness.

Crafted from cow's milk, the cheeses undergo a meticulous process of coagulation and moulding before being left to ripen for several weeks.

During this time, the cheese develops its distinctive flavour profile and soft, gooey consistency. Traditional brie production involves hand-ladling the curds into moulds, resulting in a cheese with a smooth, uniform texture. With its delicate aroma and rich taste.

We think our British 'Brie-type' cheeses are outstanding and can stand proudly next to their more famous French cousins.

Brie-type Cheeses