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The Art of Alsop & Walker Cheeses

At Green & Lovely in East Molesey, discover the award-winning creations of Alsop & Walker, a local artisanal cheesemaker dedicated to crafting unique and flavourful cheeses.

Each cheese embodies the cheesemaker's passion for traditional methods and high-quality, locally sourced milk. The result? A symphony of textures and tastes that will tantalise your palate.

Explore the Selection:

  • Lord London: A semi-soft cow's milk cheese, this gold medal winner boasts a creamy texture and hints of nuttiness, perfect for cheese boards or enjoying on its own.
  • Mayfield: This golden, semi-hard cheese with a scattering of holes offers a slightly sweet and fruity flavour. A family favourite, it's perfect for everyday enjoyment.
  • The Idle Hour: As the name suggests, this relaxing cheese is a delight to savour. This semi-hard cheese offers a creamy taste with subtle citrus undertones.
  • Sussex Truffled Brie: Indulge in the decadent creaminess of this brie, infused with the earthy aroma of truffles – a true gourmet experience.
  • Smoked Mayfield: Experience a unique twist on the classic Mayfield. This semi-hard cheese boasts a creamy sweetness with a touch of smokiness, perfect for adding depth to cheese boards.
  • Ewe Eat Me: Don't be put off by the name! This sheep's milk cheese boasts a rich, tangy flavour that cheese connoisseurs will adore.

Green & Lovely: Your Gateway to Alsop & Walker's Cheesemaking Expertise in East Molesey

The Art of Alsop & Walker Cheeses